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Context :

Shieldmaiden is a game made in two weeks for a school project. We were a team of eleven people, five Game Designers, four Game Artist, and two Game Programmers.

During this project I was the Lead Game & Level Designer. My job was to coordinate the work of the four other Game Designer and make sure every choice is the best. We were able to produce and integrate 16 fully playable levels in ony two weeks of development.

The project is made with Unity, and using GitKraken for version control and working together.

Trailer video will be available soon

Concept :

Shieldmaiden is a three player puzzle game in which the players embody three warrior of Yhsoy, the goddess of protection. Holidng their shield, and trusting each other, they will have to explore multiple ancient temples in her name.

My work on the project

Lead Game & Level Designer
- worked on designing the main features
- coordinate a team of five Game Designers
- created differents puzzle for the levels
- analysed and used datas collected with various playtest in order to improve actual levels