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Context :

Patcher is a project made in four months for a school project using the HTC Vive device. We were a team of five people, three Game Designers, and two Game Programmers.

The project began in october 2018, is made with Unity, and using GitKraken for version control and working together.

Concept :

Patcher is a musical wave shooter in VR. The characteristics of his weapon correspond to the parameters of the music and the player can modify them with the synthesizer placed in front of him. He has to experiment with the setting of the music and analyze his opponents to survive against various waves of enemies

My work on the project

Game & Level Designer
- worked on designing the main features
- worked on the User Interface & User Experience in VR
- created all the differents waves & enemies the player will encounter
- analysed and used datas collected with various playtest in order to improve actual levels & enemies