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Context :

Haunt is a game made in two weeks in a double intensive weeks in partnership with Gameloft. We were a team on 20 people, working on the same project. My job was to integrate the work of the Game Artist and make sure to make it work with the scripts made by our programmers.
The game was made in two weeks (may 2016), using Unreal Engine 4 and version control (Perforce).

Concept :

Haunt is a 8 players PC game.
In a strange haunted house, a team of players embodies a ghost reporter team trying to record the existence of ghosts. On the other side, the other players incarnate four little spirits who can morph into any object in the house.
The reporter team must record them in their spirit form in order to capture them and win the game.

My work on the project

Game & Level Designer,
- worked on designing the main features
- implemented assets, and dressed some parts of the house