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Context :

The project was made during my first year at Supinfogame Rubika. We had to make a boardgame, and we wanted to emphasize the idea of ​​controlling a pantheon of gods, and the resulting power.
Thus, all Game Design choices have been taken in this direction: accentuate the sensations of power, and the numbers of possibilities. so that each pantheon is different and offers a totally different style of play


Concept :

Deos is a four players boardgame where each player control a different pantheon of gods with a different playstyle. The goal of each player is the same : become the most powerfull pantheon and destroy the heretics.
To do that, they can use destructive or bewitching spells, build architectural wonders, start fanatics wars or beggin epic quests !

My work on the project

Game Designer
- worked on designing the main features
- analysed and used datas recovered with the playtests in order to improve the game balancing